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Moreplex Brand Story

It’s no secret that the film industry desperately needs more diversity. For decades, this dilemma has posed a controversy, causing audiences to demand more representation in a production’s cast, directors, producers, and more.

Audiences have grown tired of such exclusive practices, and the strong appeal for more diverse content to promote inclusion is apparent – now more than ever.

We’ve seen this film before.

By “this film,” we mean ones that lack diversity and new stories told by people of other races and regions, resulting in films that only resonate with a select few. Our founder John Okorocha has over three decades of experience in the industry and recognized the large gap of different identities in films. He sought to reverse this trend, which leads to dangerous consequences, presenting a false reality and virtually ignoring other communities.

While the industry has made progress over recent years, we aim to increase efforts to create a more well-rounded industry – one that gives an accurate portrayal of our world.

This marked the beginning of Moreplex.

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What We Actually Do

A stage big enough for everyone.

Founded in 2017, Moreplex, based in Los Angles and Lagos, Nigeria, is dedicated to shining the spotlight on underprivileged African, European, and American communities.

We want to help creators develop movies that represent various cultures and backgrounds, as we believe this will help grow understanding and companionship in the industry and beyond.

We understand that there are many moving parts involved in producing films. We strive to simplify the process by taking all factors into consideration, ensuring that filmmakers have the means and resources to take their visions from the script to the screen. For example, our team encourages filmmakers to produce their work in different languages, increasing representation and educating other viewers about various ethnic groups. Actors are top-tier, productions are high-quality, and the results are industry-changing.

Additionally, we offer wide distribution via cable, streaming, linear television, Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD), and more. By casting a wide net, we’re able to reach audiences all over the world, including Africans who reside at home or elsewhere. Now, they have the long-awaited chance to have their stories told by people who share their experiences. In this way, Moreplex hopes to build more empathy, more knowledge, and more excellent films.

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